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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 26, Number 1, July10 2021 , pages 063-75

Deformation modulus of rock foundation in Deriner Arch Dam
Davut Yilmaz, Ahmet C. Altunisik and Suleyman Adanur

    Civil engineering structures such as gravity concrete dams, arch dams, pressure tunnels, foundations of high-rise buildings and bridges are generally founded on rock. Design and performance of these structures are highly dependent on the deformation modulus of the rock mass so that expected deformations and/or differential settlements stay within the tolerable limits of the structures. In situ deformation modulus measurements of rock masses are generally performed by using the borehole dilatometer and plate loading tests in Turkey. The diameter of plate loading test device is 30-35 cm. Tests are performed in small unlined tunnels excavated in different elevations of dam abutments. The deformations upon loading are measured on the loading plate in the plate loading tests. It is not possible to exclude the effect of excavation disturbed zone since deformations are not measured with these devices. Large diameter plate test system may have multiple level extensometers set in drill holes opened perpendicular to loading plates. Reading from these extensometers may be utilized to exclude the effect of disturbed zone close to surface together with stress distribution estimated by using elastic theory. There are several field test methods for determining deformation modulus and each method has its own shortcomings. The optimum methodology to correlate plate loading test results with corresponding in-situ deformation modulus values is to back-calculate deformation modulus by using settlements measurements during the construction of dam body. In this paper, Deriner Arch Dam settlements measured during the construction are used to back calculate deformation modulus. It is found that in situ deformation modulus is about two times higher than the average value determined by plate loading tests. This finding will have important effects on the depth of foundation excavations, concrete layers to fortify structure foundations and the amount of consolidation grouting
Key Words
    deformation modulus; excavation disturbed zone; plate loading test
Davut Yilmaz: Department of Civil Engineering, Ankara Y

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