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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 24, Number 3, February10 2021, pages 267-280

Dynamic stability analysis of a rotary GPLRC disk surrounded by viscoelastic foundation
Xiujuan Liang and Haixu Ji

    The research presented in this paper deals with dynamic stability analysis of the graphene nanoplatelets (GPLs) reinforced composite spinning disk. The presented small-scaled structure is simulated as a disk covered by viscoelastic substrate which is two-parametric. The centrifugal and Coriolis impacts due to the spinning are taken into account. The stresses and strains would be obtained using the first-order-shear-deformable-theory (FSDT). For Poisson ratio, as well as various amounts of mass densities, the mixture rule is employed, while a modified Halpin-Tsai model is inserted for achieving the elasticity module. The structure's boundary conditions (BCs) are obtained employing GPLs reinforced composite (GPLRC) spinning disk's governing equations applying principle of Hamilton which is based on minimum energy and ultimately have been solved employing numerical approach called generalized-differential quadrature-method (GDQM). Spinning disk's dynamic properties with different boundary conditions (BCs) are explained due to the curves drawn by Matlab software. Also, the simply-supported boundary conditions is applied to edges θ=π/2 and θ= 3π/2, while, cantilever, respectively, is analyzed in R=Ri, and R0. The final results reveal that the GPLs' weight fraction, viscoelastic substrate, various GPLs' pattern, and rotational velocity have a dramatic influence on the amplitude, and vibration behavior of a GPLRC rotating cantilevered disk. As an applicable result in related industries, the spinning velocity impact on the frequency is more effective in the higher radius ratio's amounts.
Key Words
    GPLRC 2-D cantilevered disk; viscoelastic foundation; rotation; FSDT; finite element approach; numerical model; dynamic stability
Xiujuan Liang and Haixu Ji: School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang 524008, Guangdong, China

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