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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 23, Number 4, November25 2020, pages 313-325

The expanded LE Morgenstern-Price method for slope stability analysis based on a force-displacement coupled mode
Dong-ping Deng, Kuan Lu, Sha-sha Wen and Liang Li

    Slope displacement and factor of safety (FOS) of a slope are two aspects that reflect the stability of a slope. However, the traditional limit equilibrium (LE) methods only give the result of the slope FOS and cannot be used to solve for the slope displacement. Therefore, developing a LE method to obtain the results of the slope FOS and slope displacement has significance for engineering applications. Based on a force-displacement coupled mode, this work expands the LE Morgenstern-Price (M-P) method. Except for the mechanical equilibrium conditions of a sliding body adopted in the traditional M-P method, the present method introduces a nonlinear model of the shear stress and shear displacement. Moreover, the energy equation satisfied by a sliding body under a small slope displacement is also applied. Therefore, the double solutions of the slope FOS and horizontal slope displacement are established. Furthermore, the flow chart for the expanded LE M-P method is given. By comparisons and analyses of slope examples, the present method has close results with previous research and numerical simulation methods, thus verifying the feasibility of the present method. Thereafter, from the parametric analysis, the following conclusions are obtained: (1) the shear displacement parameters of the soil affect the horizontal slope displacement but have little effect on the slope FOS; and (2) the curves of the horizontal slope displacement vs. the minimum slope FOS could be fitted by a hyperbolic model, which would be beneficial to obtain the horizontal slope displacement for the slope in the critical state.
Key Words
    slope stability; limit equilibrium; Morgenstern-Price method; force-displacement coupled mode; factor of safety; horizontal slope displacement
Dong-ping Deng, Kuan Lu, Sha-sha Wen and Liang Li: School of Civil Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410075, China

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