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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 21, Number 5, June10 2020 , pages 401-411

Numerical study on the optimal position of a pile for stabilization purpose of a slope
Khalifa Boulfoul, Farid Hammoud and Khelifa Abbeche

    The paper describes the influence of pile reinforcement on the stability of the slope behaviour, and the exploitation of the results of in situ measurements will be conducted. In the second part, a 2D numerical modelling will be conducted by using the finite element code PLAXIS2D; in order to validate the proposed modelling approach by comparing the numerical results with the measurements results carried out on the slides studied; to study the effect of positioning of piles as a function of the shear parameters of the supported soil on the behaviour of the soil. For various shear strength of the soil a row of pile position is found, at which the piles offer the maximum contribution to slope stability. The position of piles is found to influence the safety factor in granular soil whereas it shows a slight influence on the safety factor in coherent soil. The results also indicate that the ideal position for such stabilizing piles is in the middle height of the slope. Comparison of results of present study with literature from publication: indicated that to reach the maximum stability of slope, the pile must be installed with Lx/L ratio (0.37 to 0.62) and the inclination must be between 30o to 60o. Even, after a certain length of the pile, the increasing will be useless. The application of the present approach to such a problem is located at the section of PK 210+480 to 210+800 of the Algerian East-West Highway.
Key Words
    landslide; reinforcement; numerical model; shear strength reduction finite element method; pile; safety factor
Khalifa Boulfoul and Farid Hammoud: Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Science, Mustapha Ben Boulaid, Batna2 University, Batna, Algeria

Khelifa Abbeche: Research Laboratory of Applied Hydraulics RLAHYA, Department of Civil Engineering,Faculty of Science, Mustapha Ben Boulaid, Batna2 University, Batna, Algeria

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