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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 21, Number 3, May10 2020, pages 279-288

Jet-grouting in ground improvement and rotary grouting pile installation: Theoretical analysis
You Wang, Lin Li, Jingpei Li and De\'an Sun

    The permeation grouting is a commonly used technique to improve the engineering geology condition of the soft ground. It is of great significance to predict the permeation range of the grout so as to ensure the effects of grouting. This paper conducts a theoretical analysis of jet-grouting effects in ground improvement and rotary grouting pile installation by utilizing deformation-permeation coupled poroelastic solutions based on Biot\'s s theory and Laplace-Fourier integral transform technique. The exponential function and the intermittent trigonometric function are chosen to represent time-dependent grouting pressure usually encountered in ground improvement and rotary grouting pile installation process, respectively. The results, including the radial displacement, the hoop stress, the excess pore fluid pressure, the radial discharge, and the permeation radius of grout, are presented for different grouting time, radial positions and grouting lengths. Parametric study is conducted to explore the effects of variation of the exponent in the exponential grouting pressure-time relationship on grouting-induced responses. It is expected that the proposed solutions can be used to estimate the permeation range of grouting in ground improvement and rotary grouting pile installation.
Key Words
    poroelastic; coupled permeation and deformation; ground improvement; rotary grouting pile; grouting pressure
You Wang and Jingpei Li: Department of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China

Lin Li: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Louisiana State University, LA 70803, U.S.A.

De\'an Sun: Department of Civil Engineering, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, China

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