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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 21, Number 1, April10 2020, pages 73-84

Seismic response of bridge pier supported on rocking shallow foundation
Deviprasad B. S. and Dodagoudar G. R.

    In the seismic design of bridges, formation of plastic hinges plays an important role in the dissipation of seismic energy. In the case of conventional fixed-base bridges, the plastic hinges are allowed to form in the superstructure alone. During seismic event, such bridges may be safe from collapse but the superstructure undergoes significant plastic deformations. As an alternative design approach, the plastic hinges are guided to form in the soil thereby utilizing the inevitable yielding of the soil. Rocking foundations work on this concept. The formation of plastic hinges in the soil reduces the load and displacement demands on the superstructure. This study aims at evaluating the seismic response of bridge pier supported on rocking shallow foundation. For this purpose, a BNWF model is implemented in OpenSees platform. The capability of the BNWF model to capture the SSI effects, nonlinear behavior and dynamic loading response are validated using the centrifuge and shake table test results. A comparative study is performed between the seismic response of the bridge pier supported on the rocking shallow foundation and conventional fixed-base foundation. Results of the study have established the beneficial effects of using the rocking shallow foundation for the seismic response analysis of the bridge piers.
Key Words
    bridge pier; shallow foundation; fixed-base foundation; rocking shallow foundation; BNWF model; soil-structure interaction; OpenSees
Deviprasad B. S. and Dodagoudar G. R.: Geotechnical Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai - 600036, India

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