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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 21, Number 1, April10 2020, pages 35-51

Seismic response analysis of embankment dams under decomposed earthquakes
Fatemeh Nasiri, Hamed Javdanian and Ali Heidari

    In this study, the seismic response analysis of embankment dams was investigated through numerical modeling. The seismic behavior of dams under main earthquake records and wavelet-based records were studied. Earthquake records were decomposed using de-noising method (DNM) and down-sampling method (DSM) up to five levels. In decomposition process, low and high frequencies of the main earthquake record were separated into two signals. Acceleration response, spectral acceleration, and Fourier amplitude spectrum at the crest of embankment dams under different decomposition levels were evaluated. The seismic behavior under main and decomposed earthquake records was compared. The results indicate an acceptable agreement between the seismic responses of embankment dams under wavelet-based decomposed records and main earthquake motions. Dynamic analyses show that the DNM-based decomposed earthquake records have a better performance compared to DSM-based records. DNM-based records up to level 4 and DSM-based records up to level 2 have a high accuracy in assessment of seismic behavior of embankment dams. The periods corresponding to the maximum values of acceleration spectra and the frequencies corresponding to the maximum values of Fourier amplitude spectra of embankment dam crest under main and decomposed records are in good agreement. The results demonstrate that the main earthquake records can be replaced by wavelet-based decomposed records in seismic analysis of embankment dams.
Key Words
    embankment dam; earthquake; seismic response; wavelet; numerical modeling
Fatemeh Nasiri, Hamed Javdanian and Ali Heidari: Department of Civil Engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran

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