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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 2, Number 1, March 2010 , pages 19-28

Compaction and strength behavior of lime-coir fiber treated Black Cotton soil
H.N. Ramesh, K.V. Manoj Krishna and H.V. Mamatha

    This paper describes the compaction and strength behavior of black cotton soil (BC soil) reinforced with coir fibers. Coir used in this study is processed fiber from the husk of coconuts. BC soil reinforced with coir fiber shows only marginal increase in the strength of soil, inhibiting its use for ground improvement. In order to further increase the strength of the soil-coir fiber combination, optimum percentage of 4% of lime is added. The effect of aspect ratio, percentage fiber on the behavior of the composite soil specimen with curing is isolated and studied. It is found that strength properties of optimum combination of BC soil-lime specimens reinforced with coir fibers is appreciably better than untreated BC soil or BC soil alone with coir fiber. Lime treatment in BC soil improves strength but it imparts brittleness in soil specimen. BC soil treated with 4% lime and reinforced with coir fiber shows ductility behavior before and after failure. An optimum fiber content of 1% (by weight) with aspect ratio of 20 for fiber was recommended for strengthening BC soil.
Key Words
    lime; coir fibers; maximum dry density; aspect ratio; unconfined compressive strength.
H.N. Ramesh, K.V. Manoj Krishna and H.V. Mamatha: Faculty of Engineering (Civil), UVCE, Bangalore University, Bangalore-560 056, India

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