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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 19, Number 1, September20 2019 , pages 11-20

Numerical simulation of electrokinetic dissipation caused by elastic waves in reservoir rocks
Xiaoqian Zhang, Qifei Wang, Chengwu Li, Xiaoqi Sun, Zheng Yan and Yao Nie

    The use of electrokinetic dissipation method to study the fluid flow law in micro-pores is of great significance to reservoir rock microfluidics. In this paper, the micro-capillary theory was combined with the coupling model of the seepage field and the current field under the excitation of the harmonic signal, and the coupling theory of the electrokinetic effect under the first-order approximation condition was derived. The dissipation equation of electrokinetic dissipation and viscous resistance dissipation and its solution were established by using Green\'s function method. The physical and mathematical models for the electrokinetic dissipation of reservoir rocks were constructed. The microscopic mechanism of the electrokinetic dissipation of reservoir rock were theoretically clarified. The influencing factors of the electrokinetic dissipation frequency of the reservoir rock were analyzed quantitatively. The results show that the electrokinetic effect transforms the fluid flow profile in the pores of the reservoir from parabolic to wavy; under low-frequency conditions, the apparent viscosity coefficient is greater that one and is basically unchanged. The apparent viscosity coefficient gradually approaches 1 as the frequency increases further. The viscous resistance dissipation is two orders of magnitude higher than the electrokinetic effect dissipation. When the concentration of the electrolyte exceeds 0.1mol/L, the electrokinetic dissipation can be neglected, while for the electrolyte solution (<10-2M) in low concentration, the electrokinetic dissipation is very significant and cannot be ignored.
Key Words
    electrokinetic dissipation; viscous resistance dissipation; viscosity coefficient
Xiaoqian Zhang, Qifei Wang, Chengwu Li, Xiaoqi Sun, Zheng Yan and Yao Nie: College of Emergency Management & Safety Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing, 100083, China

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