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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 17, Number 6, April30 2019 , pages 583-595

The effect of foundation soil behavior on seismic response of long bridges
Shima Sadat Hoseini, Ali Ghanbari, Mohammad Davoodi and Milad Kamal

    In this paper, a comprehensive investigation of the dynamic response of a long-bridge subjected to spatially varying earthquake ground motions (SVEGM) is performed based on a proposed analytical model which includes the effect of soil-structure interaction (SSI). The spatial variability of ground motions is simulated by the powerful record generator, SIMQKE II. Modeling of the SSI in the system is simplified by replacing the pile foundations and soil with sets of independent equivalent linear springs and dashpots along the pile groups. One of the most fundamental objectives of this study is to examine how well the proposed model simulates the dynamic response of a bridge system. For this purpose, the baseline data required for the evaluation process is derived from analyzing a 3D numerical model of the bridge system which is validated in this paper. To emphasize the importance of the SVEGM and SSI, bridge responses are also determined for the uniform ground motion and fixed base cases. This study proposing a compatible analytical model concerns the relative importance of the SSI and SVEGM and shows that these effects cannot be neglected in the seismic analysis of long-bridges.
Key Words
    SVEGM; SSI; dynamic response; long bridges; seismic analysis
Shima Sadat Hoseini, Ali Ghanbari and Milad Kamal: Department of Civil Engineering, Kharazmi University, Moffateh Avenue, Tehran, Iran

Mohammad Davoodi:Department of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Tehran, Iran

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