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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 17, Number 6, April30 2019 , pages 543-551

Experimental study on treatment of waste slurry by vacuum preloading with different conditioning agents
Yajun Wu, Haibo Jiang, Yitian Lu and Dean Sun

    In China, serious environmental problems are induced by the extremely soft construction waste slurries in many urban areas, and there is no appropriate method to treat it presently. In this paper, four model tests were conducted to investigate the efficiency of waste slurry treatment by combining three conditioning agents which can change characteristics of the slurries with a traditional vacuum preloading method. The tests of size analysis of particle aggregate were conducted to investigate the influence of different conditioning agents on the size distributions of particle aggregate. During the model test, the discharged water volumes were monitored. The pore-size distribution and void ratio of the waste slurries after the vacuum preloading were measured by mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP). It is found that 1) During the natural precipitation, volume of water out of the organic agent is higher than that of the mixed agent, but it is smaller than that of the mixed agent in the vacuum preloading stage; 2) the mixed agent has a higher total volume of water out than the organic agent and the inorganic agent after test, while the organic agent and the inorganic agent have little difference with respect to the drainage effect. The results demonstrate that the combination of mixed conditioning agent and vacuum preloading for the solid-liquid separation in waste slurry has a satisfactory effect and can be applied in engineering practice.
Key Words
    conditioning agent; flocculation; skeleton effect; vacuum preloading; waste slurry
Yajun Wu, Haibo Jiang and Dean Sun: Department of Civil Engineering, Shanghai University, 99 Shangda Road, BaoShan District, Shanghai, China

Yitian Lu: Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Saga University, 1 Honjo-machi, Saga City, Saga, Japan

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