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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 17, Number 5, April10 2019, pages 439-444

Effect of arbitrarily manipulated gap-graded granular particles on reinforcing foundation soil
Zhen H. Xin, Jun H. Moon, Li S. Kim, Kab B. Kim and Young U. Kim

    It is generally known that high strength soil is indicative of well-graded particle size distribution. However, there are some special cases of firm ground despite poor grade distribution, especially a specific gap-graded soil. Based on these discoveries, this study investigated the development of an additive of gap-graded soils designed to increase soil strength. This theoretical concept was used to calculate the mixed ratio required for optimal soil strength of the ground sample. The gap-graded aggregate was added according to Plato\'s polyhedral theory and subsequently calculated ratio and soil strength characteristics were then compared to characteristics of the original soil sample through various test results. In addition, the underground stress transfer rate was measured according to the test conditions. The test results showed that the ground settlement and stress limit thickness were reduced with the incorporation of gap-graded soil. Further field tests would confirm the reproducibility and reliability of the technology by using gap-graded soil to reinforce soft ground of a new construction site. Gap-graded soil has the potential to reduce the construction cost and time of construction compared to other reinforcing methods.
Key Words
    gap-graded soil; plate load test; bearing capacity; jamming; aggregate
Zhen H. Xin, Jun H. Moon, Li S. Kim and Young U. Kim: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Myongji University, Youngin 17058, South Korea

Kab B. Kim: Bosiddol Inc., Nonhyeon-ro 63, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06256, South Korea

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