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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 17, Number 3, February28 2019 , pages 261-270

Estimation of tensile strength of ultramafic rocks using indirect approaches
Konstantinos Diamantis

    Because the estimation of the tensile strength is very important in any geotechnical project, many attempts have been made to determine. But the immediate determination of the tensile strength is usually difficult owing to well-shaped specimens, time-consuming, expensive and sometimes unreliable. In this study, engineering properties of several ultramafic rock samples were measured to assess the correlations between the Brazilian Tensile Strength (BTS) and degree of serpentinization, physical, dynamic and mechanical characteristics. For this purpose, a comprehensive laboratory testing program was conducted after collecting thirty-two peridotite and fifty-one serpentinite rock samples, taken from central Greece, in accordance with ASTM and ISRM standards. In addition, a representative number of them were subjected to petrographic studies and the obtained results were statistically described and analysed. Simple and multiple regression analyses were used to investigate the relationships between the Brazilian Tensile Strength and the other measured properties. Thus, empirical equations were developed and they showed that all of the properties are well correlated with Brazilian Tensile Strength. The curves with the 45o line (y = x) were extracted for evaluating the validity degree of concluded empirical equations which approved approximately close relationships between Brazilian Tensile Strength and the measured properties.
Key Words
    ultramafic rocks; rock mechanics; correlation; Brazilian tensile strength; serpentinization percentage; engineering properties
Konstantinos Diamantis: Department of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering, Laboratory of Mineralogy-Geology, Agricultural University of Athens, 75 Iera Street 11855 Athens, Greece

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