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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 15, Number 4, July20 2018, pages 973-986

Parametric study of the convergence of deep tunnels with long term effects: Abacuses
Felipe P. M. Quevedo and Denise Bernaud

    The objective of this paper is to present abacuses obtained from a parametric study of deep-lined tunnels using a numerical finite element model. This numerical model was implemented in software GEOMEC91, which is a two-dimensional axisymmetric model that considers the progress of excavation and the placing of the lining through the activation and deactivation of elements. It is adopted a step of excavation constant (1/3 of radius), constant velocity and circular cross section along the tunnel axis. It is used for rock mass a viscoplastic constitutive law with von-Mises criterion of viscoplasticity without hardening whose deformation rate over time is given by the Bingham model. The lining uses a linear elastic constitutive law. In total are 1716 analysis presented in 60 abacuses that show the value of ultimate convergence (Ueq) due to tunneling speed. In addition, it is shown an example of the use of the abacuses to determine the ultimate convergence (Ueq) of the tunnel and pressure (Peq) on the lining.
Key Words
    tunnels; finite element method; long-term analysis; elastic lining; soil-structure interaction
Felipe P. M. Quevedo and Denise Bernaud: Department of Civil Engineering Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, 99 Osvaldo Aranha, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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