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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 15, Number 4, July20 2018, pages 947-955

Three-dimensional simplified slope stability analysis by hybrid-type penalty method
Kiyomichi Yamaguchi, Norio Takeuchi and Eisaku Hamasaki

    In this study, we propose a three-dimensional simplified slope stability analysis using a hybrid-type penalty method (HPM). In this method, a solid element obtained by the HPM is applied to a column that divides the slope into a lattice. Therefore, it can obtain a safety factor in the same way as simplified methods on the slip surface. Furthermore, it can obtain results (displacement and strain) that cannot be obtained by conventional limit equilibrium methods such as the Hovland method. The continuity condition of displacement between adjacent columns and between elements for each depth is considered to incorporate a penalty function and the relative displacement. For a slip surface between the bottom surface and the boundary condition to express the slip of slope, we introduce a penalty function based on the Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion. To compute the state of the slip surface, an r-min method is used in the load incremental method. Using the result of the simple three-dimensional slope stability analysis, we obtain a safety factor that is the same as the conventional method. Furthermore, the movement of the slope was calculated quantitatively and qualitatively because the displacement and strain of each element are obtained.
Key Words
    hybrid-type penalty method; slope stability; slip surface; safety factor; displacement; strain
Kiyomichi Yamaguchi and Norio Takeuchi: Graduate School of Engineering and Design, Hosei University, Tokyo 162-0843, Japan

Eisaku Hamasaki: Adovantechnology Co., Ltd, Sendai 980-0013, Japan

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