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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 15, Number 3, June30 2018 , pages 841-849

Anchorage mechanism and pullout resistance of rock bolt in water-bearing rocks
Ho-Jong Kim, Kang-Hyun Kim, Hong-Moon Kim and Jong-Ho Shin

    The purpose of a rock bolt is to improve the mechanical performance of a jointed-rock mass. The performance of a rock bolt is generally evaluated by conducting a field pullout test, as the analytical or numerical evaluation of the rock bolt behavior still remains difficult. In this study, wide range of field test was performed to investigate the pullout resistance of rock bolts considering influencing factors such as the rock type, water bearing conditions, rock bolt type and length. The test results showed that the fully grouted rock bolt (FGR) in water-bearing rocks can be inadequate to provide the required pullout resistance, meanwhile the inflated steel tube rock bolt (ISR) satisfied required pullout resistance, even immediately after installation in water-bearing conditions. The ISR was particularly effective when the water inflow into a drill hole is greater than 1.0 l/min. The effect of the rock bolt failure on the tunnel stability was investigated through numerical analysis. The results show that the contribution of the rock bolt to the overall stability of the tunnel was not significant. However, it is found that the rock bolt can effectively reinforce the jointed-rock mass and reduce the possibility of local collapses of rocks, thus the importance of the rock bolt should not be overlooked, regardless of the overall stability.
Key Words
    pullout resistance; rock bolt; tunnel; water inflow
Ho-Jong Kim, Kang-Hyun Kim and Jong-Ho Shin: Department of Civil Engineering, Konkuk University, Seoul 05029, Korea

Hong-Moon Kim:Department of Geotechnical & Tunnel Engineering, Pyunghwa Engineering, Anyang 13949, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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