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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 15, Number 2, June10 2018 , pages 775-781

Seismic responses of a metro tunnel in a ground fissure site
Nina Liu, Qiang-Bing Huang, Wen Fan, Yu-Jie Ma and Jian-Bing Peng

    Shake table tests were conducted on scaled tunnel model to investigate the mechanism and effect of seismic loadings on horseshoe scaled tunnel model in ground fissure site. Key technical details of the experimental test were set up, including similarity relations, boundary conditions, sensor layout, modelling methods were presented. Synthetic waves and El Centro waves were adopted as the input earthquake waves. Results measured from hanging wall and foot wall were compared and analyzed. It is found that the seismic loadings increased the subsidence of hanging wall and lead to the appearance and propagation of cracks. The values of acceleration, earth pressure and strain were greater in the hanging wall than those in the foot wall. The tunnel exhibited the greatest earth pressure on right and left arches, however, the earth pressure on the crown of arch is the second largest and the inverted arch has the least earth pressure in the same tunnel section. Therefore, the effect of the hanging wall on the seismic performance of metro tunnel in earth fissure ground should be considered in the seismic design.
Key Words
    tunnel; ground fissure; model test; dynamic response
Nina Liu, Qiang-Bing Huang, Wen Fan and Jian-Bing Peng: 1.)School of Geological Engineering and Geomatics, Chang\'an University, Xi\'an 710054, China
2.)Key Laboratory of Western China Mineral Resource and Geological Engineering, Ministry of Education, Xi\'an 710054, China

Yu-Jie Ma: Xi\'an China Highway Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd, Xi\'an 710075, China

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