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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 14, Number 1, January20 2018 , pages 19-27

Geomechanical analysis of elastic parameters of the solid core of the Earth
Hatam H. Guliyev

    It follows from the basic principles of mechanics of deformable solids relating to the strength, stability and propagation of elastic waves that the Earth\'s inner core cannot exist in the form of a spherical structure in the assumed thermobaric conditions and calculation values of physico-mechanical parameters. Pressure level reaches a value that is significantly greater than the theoretical limit of medium strength in the model approximations at the surface of the sphere of the inner core. On the other hand, equilibrium state of the sphere is unstable on the geometric forming at much lower loads under the influence of the \"dead\" surface loads. In case of the action of \"follower\" loads, the assumed pressure value on the surface of the sphere is comparable with the value of the critical load of \"internal\" instability. In these cases, due to the instability of the equilibrium state, propagation of homogeneous deformations becomes uneven in the sphere. Moreover, the elastic waves with actual velocity cannot propagate in such conditions in solid medium. Violation of these fundamental conditions of mechanics required in determining the physical and mechanical properties of the medium should be taken into account in the integrated interpretations of seismic and laboratory (experimental) data. In this case, application of the linear theory of elasticity and elastic waves does not ensure the reliability of results on the structure and composition of the Earth\'s core despite compliance with the required integral conditions on the mass, moment of inertia and natural oscillations of the Earth.
Key Words
    Earth\'s core; high pressure; instability; elastic waves with actual velocity
Hatam H. Guliyev: Department of Tectonophysics and Geomechanics, Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Ave. H. Javid 119, Baku AZ 1143, Azerbaijan

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