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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 14, Number 1, January20 2018 , pages 9-17

Experimental study on the mechanical property of coal and its application
Ting T. Jiang, Jian H. Zhang,Gang Huang, Shao X. Song and Hao Wu

    Brazilian splitting tests, uniaxial compression tests and triaxial compression tests are carried out on the coal samples cored from Shanxi group II1 coal seam of Jiaozuo coal mine, Henan province, China, to obtain their property parameters. Considering the bedding has notable effect on the property parameter of coal, the samples with different bedding angles are prepared. The effects of bedding on the anisotropic characteristics of the coal seam are investigated. A geological geomechanical model is built based on the geology characteristics of the Jiaozuo coal mine target reservoir to study the effects of bedding on the fracture propagations during hydraulic fracturing. The effects of injection pressure, well completion method, in-situ stress difference coefficient, and fracturing fluid displacement on the fracture propagations are investigated. Results show bedding has notable effects on the property parameters of coal, which is the key factor affecting the anisotropy of coal. The hydraulic cracks trends to bifurcate and swerve at the bedding due to its low strength. Induced fractures are produced easily at the locations around the bedding. The bedding is beneficial to form a complicated fracture network. Experimental and numerical simulations can help to understand the effects of bedding on hydraulic fracturing in coalbed methane reservoirs.
Key Words
    coal seam; coalbed methane; hydraulic fracturing; mechanical test; geomechanical model
Ting T. Jiang, Jian H. Zhang,Gang Huang, Shao X. Song and Hao Wu: Hubei Province Key Laboratory of Processing of Mineral Resources and Environment, School of Resource and Environmental Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Luoshi road No.122, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, People

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