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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 13, Number 5, November 2017 , pages 825-844

Pullout capacity of shallow inclined anchor in anisotropic and nonhomogeneous undrained clay
Paramita Bhattacharya

    This study aimed to find out the pullout capacity of inclined strip anchor plate embedded in anisotropic and nonhomogeneous fully saturated cohesive soil in undrained condition. The ultimate pullout load has been found out by using numerical lower bound finite element analysis with linear programming. The undrained pullout capacity of anchor plate of width B is determined for different embedment ratios (H/B) varying from 3 to 7 and various inclination of anchor plates ranging from 0o to 90o with an interval of 15o. In case of anisotropic fully saturated clay the variation of cohesion with direction has been considered by varying the ratio of the cohesion along vertical direction (cv) to the cohesion along horizontal direction (ch). In case of nonhomogeneous clay the cohesion of the undrained clay has been considered to be increased with depth below ground surface keeping cv/ch=1. The results are presented in terms of pullout capacity factor (Fc0=pu/cH) where pu is the ultimate pullout stress along the anchor plate at failure and cH is the cohesion in horizontal direction at the level of the middle point of the anchor plate. It is observed that the pullout capacity factor increases with an increase in anisotropic cohesion ratio (cv/ch) whereas the pullout capacity factor decreases with an increase in undrained cohesion of the soil with depth.
Key Words
    inclined anchor plate; anisotropic clay; nonhomogeneous clay; limit analysis; pullout capacity
Paramita Bhattacharya: Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur-721302, India

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