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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 12, Number 4, April 2017 , pages 657-673

In situ investigations into mining-induced overburden failures in close multiple-seam longwall mining: A case study
Jianguo Ning, Jun Wang, Yunliang Tan, Lisheng Zhang and Lisheng Zhang

    Preventing water seepage and inrush into mines where close multiple-seam longwall mining is practiced is a challenging issue in the coal-rich Ordos region, China. To better protect surface (or ground) water and safely extract coal from seams beneath an aquifer, it is necessary to determine the height of the mining-induced fractured zone in the overburden strata. In situ investigations were carried out in panels 20107 (seam No. 2-2upper) and 20307 (seam No. 2-2middle) in the Gaojialiang colliery, Shendong Coalfield, China. Longwall mining-induced strata movement and overburden failure were monitored in boreholes using digital panoramic imaging and a deep hole multi-position extensometer. Our results indicate that after mining of the 20107 working face, the overburden of the failure zone can be divided into seven rock groups. The first group lies above the immediate roof (12.9 m above the top of the coal seam), and falls into the gob after the mining. The strata of the second group to the fifth group form the fractured zone (12.9-102.04 m above the coal seam) and the continuous deformation zone extends from the fifth group to the ground surface. After mining Panel 20307, a gap forms between the fifth rock group and the continuous deformation zone, widening rapidly. Then, the lower portion of the continuous deformation zone cracks and collapses into the fractured zone, extending the height of the failure zone to 87.1 m. Based on field data, a statistical formula for predicting the maximum height of overburden failure induced by close multiple seam mining is presented.
Key Words
    close multiple-seam mining; overburden structure; failure zone; in situ investigations
(1) Jianguo Ning, Jun Wang, Yunliang Tan, Lisheng Zhang:
A State Key Laboratory of Mining Disaster Prevention and Control, Co-founded by Shandong Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, 579 Qianwangang Road, Qingdao, China;
(2) Lisheng Zhang;
Gaojiangliang Colliery, Haohua Cleaned Coal Co., Ltd, Erdos City, Inner Mongolia, China.

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