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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 12, Number 4, April 2017 , pages 611-626

Model tests on bearing capacity and accumulated settlement of a single pile in simulated soft rock under axial cyclic loading
Benjiao Zhang, Can Mei, Bin Huang, Xudong Fu, Gang Luo and Bu Lv

    The research reported herein is concerned with the model testing of piles socketed in soft rock which was simulated by cement, plaster, sand, water and concrete hardening accelerator. Model tests on a single pile socketed in simulated soft rock under axial cyclic loading were conducted and the bearing capacity and accumulated deformation characteristics under different static, and cyclic loads were studied by using a device which combined oneself-designed test apparatus with a dynamic triaxial system. The accumulated deformation of the pile head, and the axial force, were measured by LVDT and strain gauges, respectively. Test results show that the static load ratio (SLR), cyclic load ratio (CLR), and the number of cycles affect the accumulated deformation, cyclic secant modulus of pile head, and ultimate bearing capacity. The accumulated deformation increases with increasing numbers of cycles, however, its rate of growth decreases and is asymptotic to zero. The cyclic secant modulus of pile head increases and then decreases with the growth in the number of cycles, and finally remains stable after 50 cycles. The ultimate bearing capacity of the pile is increased by about 30% because of the cyclic loading thereon, and the axial force is changed due to the applied cyclic shear stress. According to the test results, the development of accumulated settlement is analysed. Finally, an empirical formula for accumulated settlement, considering the effects of the number of cycles, the static load ratio, the cyclic load ratio and the uniaxial compressive strength, is proposed which can be used for feasibility studies or preliminary design of pile foundations on soft rock subjected to cyclic loading.
Key Words
    simulated soft rock; model tests; static load ratio; cyclic load ratio; number of cycles; cyclic secant modulus
School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University, No. 16 Luojiashan Road, Wuchang District, China.

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