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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 11, Number 4, October 2016 , pages 457-469

Analytical solution of seismic stability against overturning for a rock slope with water-filled tension crack
Yanjun Zhang, Tingkai Nian, Defeng Zheng and Lu Zheng

    Steep rock slope with water-filled tension crack will happen to overturn around the toe of the slope under seismic loading. This failure type is completely different from the common toppling failure occurring in antidipping layered rock mass slopes with steeply dipping discontinuities. This paper presents an analytical approach to determine the seismic factor of safety against overturning for an intact rock mass slope with water-filled tension crack considering horizontal and vertical seismic coefficients. This solution is a generalized explicit expression and is derived using the moment equilibrium approach. A numerical program based on discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA) is adopted to validate the analytical results. The parametric study is carried out to adequately investigate the effect of horizontal and vertical seismic coefficients on the overall stability against overturning for a saturated rock slope under two water pressure modes. The analytical results show that vertically upward seismic inertia force or/and second water pressure distribution mode will remarkably decrease the slope stability against overturning. Finally, several representative design charts of slopes also are presented for the practical application.
Key Words
    rock slope with water-filled tension crack; overturning failure; discontinuous joint plane; analytical solution; design charts; horizontal and vertical seismic coefficients
(1) Yanjun Zhang, Tingkai Nian:
School of Civil Engineering and State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, China;
(2) Defeng Zheng:
School of Urban and Environmental Science, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian 116029, China;
(3) Lu Zheng:
Institute of Disaster Mitigation and Reconstruction, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China.

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