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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 11, Number 1, July 2016, pages 77-94

An elasto-plastic damage constitutive model for jointed rock mass with an application
Hanpeng Wang, Yong Li, Shucai Li, Qingsong Zhang and Jian Liu

    A forked tunnel, as a special complicated underground structure, is composed of big-arch tunnel, multi-arch tunnel, neighborhood tunnels and separate tunnels according to the different distances between two separate tunnels. Due to the complicated process of design and construction, surrounding jointed rock mass stability of the big-arch tunnel which belongs to the forked tunnel during excavation is a hot issue that needs special attentions. In this paper, an elasto-plastic damage constitutive model for jointed rock mass is proposed based on the coupling method considering elasto-plastic and damage theories, and the irreversible thermodynamics theory. Based on this elasto-plastic damage constitutive model, a three dimensional elasto-plastic damage finite element code (D-FEM) is implemented using Visual Fortran language, which can numerically simulate the whole excavation process of underground project and perform the structural stability of the surrounding rock mass. Comparing with a popular commercial computer code, three dimensional fast Lagrangian analysis of continua (FLAC3D), this D-FEM has advantages in terms of rapid computing process, element grouping function and providing more material models. After that, FLAC3D and D-FEM are simultaneously used to perform the structural stability analysis of the surrounding rock mass in the forked tunnel considering three different computing schemes. The final numerical results behave almost consistent using both FLAC3D and D-FEM. But from the point of numerically obtained damage softening areas, the numerical results obtained by D-FEM more closely approach the practical behaviors of in-situ surrounding rock mass.
Key Words
    jointed rock mass; forked tunnel; stability analysis; D-FEM; FLAC3D
(1) Hanpeng Wang, Yong Li, Shucai Li, Qingsong Zhang:
Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Research Center, Shandong University, No. 17923 Jingshi Rd., Jinan, Shandong Province, P.R. China 250061;
(2) Yong Li, Jian Liu:
School of Civil Engineering, Shandong University, No. 17922 Jingshi Rd., Jinan, Shandong Province, P.R. China 250061.

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