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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 10, Number 2, February 2016, pages 247-256

Improving performance of soil stabilizer by scientific combining of industrial wastes
Hao Yu, Xin Huang, Jianguo Ning, Zhanguo Li and Yongsheng Zhao

    In this paper, based on understanding the design theories on soil stabilization, a series of soil stabilizers were prepared with different kinds of industrial wastes such as calcined coal gangue (CCG), blast furnace slag (SS), steel slag (SL), carbide slag (CS), waste alkali liquor (JY), and phosphogypsum (PG). The results indicated that when the Portland cement (PC) proportion was lower than 20% in the stabilizer, for the soil sample selected from Wuhan (WT) and Beijing (BT), the unconfined compress strength (UCS) of the stabilized soil specimens could increase 4.8 times and 5.4 times respectively than that of the specimens stabilized only by PC; compared with the UCS of the specimen stabilized only by PC, the UCS of the specimen which was made from soil sample WT and stabilized by the stabilizer composed only by CCG, CS, and PG increased 1.5 times, and UCS of the specimen which was made from soil sample BT and stabilized by the stabilizer composed only by SS, JY, and PG increased 4.5 times.
Key Words
    industrial wastes; character classification; scientific combination; stabilizer; soil stabilization
(1) Hao Yu, Xin Huang, Yongsheng Zhao:
Department of Civil Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China;
(2) Jianguo Ning:
Key Laboratory of Mine Disaster Prevention and Control, Shandong University of Science & Technology, Qingdao, Shandong province, China;
(3) Zhanguo Li:
Key Laboratory of Urban Security and Disaster Engineering, Ministry of Education, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China.

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