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Advances in Energy Research
  Volume 8, Number 1, March 2022 , pages 21-39
 open access

An improved 1-D thermal model of parabolic trough receivers: Consideration of pressure drop and kinetic energy loss effects
Yassine Demagh

    In this study, the first law of thermodynamics was used to establish a one-dimensional (1-D) thermal model for parabolic trough receiver (PTR) taking into account the pressure drop and kinetic energy loss effects of the heat transfer fluid (HTF) flowing inside the absorber tube. The validation of the thermal model with data from the SEGS-LS2 solar collector-test showed a good agreement, which is consistent with the previously established models for the conventional straight and smooth (CSS) receiver where the effects of pressure drop and kinetic energy loss were neglected. Based on the developed model and code, a comparative study of the newly designed parabolic trough Scurved receiver versus the CSS receiver was conducted and solar unit's performances were analyzed. Without any supplementary devices, the S-curved receiver enhances the performance of the parabolic trough module, with a maximum of 0.16% compared to CSS receiver with the same sizes and mass flow rates. Thermal losses were reduced by 7% due to the decrease in the temperature of the outer surface of the receiver tube. In addition, it has been shown that from a mass flow rate of 9.5 kg/s the heat losses of the S-curved receiver remain unchanged despite the improvement in the heat transfer rate.
Key Words
    1-D thermal model; conventional straight receiver; kinetic energy loss; pressure drop; S-curved receiver
Yassine Demagh: LESEI, Mechanical Department, University of Batna 2, 05000 Batna, Algeria

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