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Advances in Energy Research
  Volume 3, Number 1, 2015, pages 059-70
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Solar power and desalination plant for copper industry: improvised techniques
D. Sankar, N. Deepa, S. Rajagopal and K.M. Karthik

    In India, continuous production of electricity and sweet/potable water from Solar power and desalination plant plays a major role in the industries. Particularly in Copper industry, Solar power adopts Solar field collector combined with thermal storage system and steam Boiler, Turbine & Generator (BTG) for electricity production and desalination plant adopts Reverse osmosis (RO) for sweet/potable water production which cannot be used for long hours of power generation and consistency of energy supply for industrial processes and power generation cannot be ensured. This paper presents an overview of enhanced technology for Solar power and Desalination plant for Copper industry making it continuous production of electricity and sweet/potable water. The conventional technology can be replaced with this proposed technique in the existing and upcoming industries.
Key Words
    solar; solar thermal hybrid power plant; solar thermal hybrid power plant with desalination plant; improvised techniques; CSP-biomass hybrid
D. Sankar, S. Rajagopal and K.M. Karthik: Development Consultants Private Limited, Consulting Engineers, Chennai 600006, TN, India
N. Deepa: Presidency College (Autonomous), Chennai 600005, Tamil Nadu, India

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