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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 9, Number 6, December 2015, pages 1273-1290

Seismic behavior of steel frames with lightweight-low strength industrialized infill walls
Seyed Mehdi Zahrai, Behnam Gholipour Khalili and Seyed Amin Mousavi

    JK wall is a shear wall made of lightweight EPS mortar and reinforced with a 3-D galvanized steel mesh, called JK panel, and truss-like stiffeners, called JK stiffeners. Earlier studies have shown that low strength lightweight concrete has the potential to be used in structural elements. In this study, seismic contribution of the JK infill walls surrounded by steel frames is numerically investigated. Adopting a hybrid numerical model, behavior envelop of the wall is derived from the general purpose finite element software, Abaqus. Obtained backbone would be implemented in the professional analytical software, SAP2000, in which through calibrated hysteretic parameters, cyclic behavior of the JK infill can be simulated. Through comparison with earlier experimental results, it turned out that the proposed hybrid modeling can simulate monotonic and cyclic behavior of JK walls with good accuracy. JK infills have a panel-type configuration which their dominant failure mode would be ductile in flexure. Finally technical and economical advantages of the proposed JK infills are assessed for two representative multistory buildings. It is revealed that JK infills can reduce maximum inter-story drifts as well as residual drifts at the expense of minor increase in the developed base shear.
Key Words
    infill walls; JK wall; EPS concrete; lightweight concrete; hysteretic behavior
Seyed Mehdi Zahrai, Seyed Amin Mousavi: School of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, The University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Behnam Gholipour Khalili: Kish International branch of the University of Tehran, Kish, Iran

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