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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 9, Number 6, December 2015, pages 1233-1250

Experimental behavior and shear bearing capacity calculation of RC columns with a vertical splitting failure
Peng Wang, Qing X. Shi, Qiu W. Wang and Yi Tao

    The behavior of reinforced concrete (RC) columns made from high strength materials was investigated experimentally. Six high-strength concrete specimen columns (1:4 scale), which included three with high-strength transverse reinforcing bars and three with normal-strength transverse reinforcement, were tested under double curvature bending load. The effects of yielding strength and ratio of transverse reinforcement on the cracking patterns, hysteretic response, shear strength, ductility, strength reduction, energy dissipation and strain of reinforcement were studied. The test results indicated that all specimens failed in splitting failure, and specimens with high-strength transverse reinforcement exhibited better seismic performance than those with normal-strength transverse reinforcement. It also demonstrated that the strength of high-strength lateral reinforcing bars was fully utilized at the ultimate displacements. Shear strength formula of short concrete columns, which experienced a splitting failure, was proposed based on the Chinese concrete code. To enhance the applicability of the model, it was corroborated with 47 short concrete columns selected from the literature available. The results indicated that, the proposed method can give better predictions of shear strength for short columns that experienced a splitting failure than other shear strength models of ACI 318 and Chinese concrete codes.
Key Words
    high-strength concrete columns; high-strength transverse reinforcement; splitting failure; quasi-static test; seismic behavior; strain of reinforcement; shear strength
School of Civil Engineering, Xi´an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi´an, China

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