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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 8, Number 3, March 2015, pages 555-572

Seismic behavior of steel reinforced concrete (SRC) T-shaped column-beam planar and 3D hybrid joints under cyclic loads
Zongping Chen, Jinjun Xu, Yuliang Chen and Jianyang Xue

    This paper presents an experimental study of three two-dimensional (2D/planar) steel reinforced concrete (SRC) T-shaped column-RC beam hybrid joints and six 3D SRC T-shaped column-steel beam hybrid joints under low cyclic reversed loads. Considering different categories of steel configuration types in column cross section and horizontal loading angles for the specimens were selected, and a reliable structural testing system for the spatial loading was employed in the tests. The load-displacement curves, carrying capacity, energy dissipation capacity, ductility and deformation characteristics of the test subassemblies were analyzed. Especially, the seismic performance discrepancies between planar hybrid joints and 3D hybrid joints were intensively compared. The failure modes for planar loading and spatial loading observed in the tests showed that the shear-diagonal compressive failure was the dominating failure mode for all the specimens. In addition, the 3D hybrid joints illustrated plumper hysteretic loops for the columns configured with solid-web steel, but a little more pinched hysteretic loops for the columns configured with T-shaped steel or channel-shaped steel, better energy dissipation capacity & ductility, and larger interlayer deformation capacity than those of the planar hybrid joints. Furthermore, it was revealed that the hysteretic loops for the specimens under 45
Key Words
    steel reinforced concrete (SRC); T-shaped column; hybrid joint; planar joint; 3D joint; seismic behavior; loading angle; damage
Zongping Chen, Jinjun Xu, Yuliang Chen and Jianyang Xue: College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Guangxi University, Guangxi, China

Zongping Chen: Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention and Structural Safety of Chinese Education Ministry, Guangxi, China

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