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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 7, Number 5, November 2014, pages 705-718

Effects of joint aspect ratio on required transverse reinforcement of exterior joints subjected to cyclic loading
Sung Chul Chun

    This paper presents an analytical model for determining the transverse reinforcement required for reinforced concrete exterior beam-column joints subjected to reversed cyclic loading. Although the joint aspect ratio can affect joint shear strength, current design codes do not consider its effects in calculating joint shear strength and the necessary amount of transverse reinforcement. This study re-evaluated previous exterior beam-column joint tests collected from 11 references and showed that the joint shear strength decreases as the joint aspect ratio increases. An analytical model was developed, to quantify the transverse reinforcement required to secure safe load flows in exterior beam-column joints. Comparisons with a database of exterior beam-column joint tests from published literature validated the model. The required sectional ratios of horizontal transverse reinforcement calculated by the proposed model were compared with those specified in ACI 352R-02. More transverse reinforcement is required as the joint aspect ratio increases, or as the ratio of vertical reinforcement decreases; however, ACI 352R-02 specifies a constant transverse reinforcement, regardless of the joint aspect ratio. This reevaluation of test data and the results of the analytical model demonstrate a need for new criteria that take the effects of joint aspect ratio into account in exterior joint design.
Key Words
    exterior beam-column joints; joint aspect ratio; joint shear strength; transverse reinforcement; strut-and-tie model
Sung Chul Chun: Division of Architecture and Urban Design, Incheon National University, Incheon, Korea

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