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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 7, Number 3, September 2014, pages 365-384

Correlation between parameters of pulse-type motions and damage of low-rise RC frames
Vui Van Cao and Hamid Reza Ronagh

    The intensity of a ground motion can be measured by a number of parameters, some of which might exhibit robust correlations with the damage of structures subjected to that motion. In this study, 204 near-fault pulse-type records are selected and their seismic parameters are determined. Time history and damage analyses of a tested 3-storey reinforced concrete frame representing for low-rise reinforced concrete buildings subjected to those earthquake motions are performed after calibration and comparison with the available experimental results. The aim of this paper is to determine amongst several available seismic parameters, the ones that have strong correlations with the structural damage measured by a damage index and the maximum inter-story drift. The results show that Velocity Spectrum Intensity is the leading parameter demonstrating the best correlation, followed by Housner Intensity, Spectral Acceleration and Spectral Displacement. These seismic parameters are recommended as reliable parameters of near-fault pulse-type motions related to damage potential of low-rise reinforced concrete structures. The results also reaffirm that the conventional and widely used parameter of Peak Ground Acceleration does not exhibit a good correlation with the structural damage.
Key Words
    near-fault pulse-type motion; correlation; seismic parameter; damage index; reinforced concrete frame
Vui Van Cao and Hamid Reza Ronagh: School of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

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