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Earthquakes and Structures   Volume 7, Number 2, August 2014, pages 147-157
Conditional mean spectrum for Bucharest
Radu Vacareanu, Mihail Iancovici and Florin Pavel

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    The Conditional Mean Spectrum represents a powerful link between the seismic hazard information and the selection of strong ground motion records at a particular site. The scope of the paper is to apply for the city of Bucharest for the first time the method to obtain the Conditional Mean Spectrum (CMS) presented by Baker (2011) and to select, on the basis of the CMS, a suite of strong ground motions for performing elastic and inelastic dynamic analyses of buildings and structures with fundamental periods of vibration in the vicinity of 1.0 s. The major seismic hazard for Bucharest and for most of Southern and Eastern Romania is dominated by the Vrancea subcrustal seismic source. The ground motion prediction equation developed for subduction-type earthquakes and soil conditions by Youngs et al. (1997) is used for the computation of the Uniform Hazard Spectrum (UHS) and the CMS. The disaggregation of seismic hazard is then performed in order to determine the mean causal values of magnitude and source-to-site distance for a particular spectral ordinate (for a spectral period T = 1.0 s in this study). The spectral period of 1.0 s is considered to be representative for the new stock of residential and office reinforced concrete (RC) buildings in Bucharest. The differences between the Uniform Hazard Spectrum (UHS) and the Conditional Mean Spectrum (CMS) are discussed taking into account the scarcity of ground motions recorded in the region of Bucharest and the frequency content characteristics of the recorded data. Moreover, a record selection based on the criteria proposed by Baker and Cornell (2006) and Baker (2011) is performed using a dataset consisting of strong ground motions recorded during seven Vrancea seismic events.
Key Words
    Vrancea seismic source; conditional mean spectrum; hazard disaggregation
Radu Vacareanu and Florin Pavel: Department of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest,
Bd. Lacul Tei, 122-124, 020396, Romania

Mihail Iancovici: Department of Structural Mechanics, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest,
Bd. Lacul Tei, 122-124, 020396, Romania

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