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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 4, Number 2, February 2013, pages 203-217

Damping identification procedure for linear systems: mixed numerical-experimental approach
Hazem Hossam El-Anwar, Mohammed Hassanien Serror and Hesham Sobhy Sayed

    In recent decades, it has been realized that increasing the lateral stiffness of structure subjected to lateral loads is not the only parameter enhancing safety or reducing damage. Factors such as ductility and damping govern the structural response due to lateral loads. Despite the significant contribution of damping in resisting lateral loads, especially at resonance, there is no accurate mathematical representation for it. The main objective of this study is to develop a damping identification procedure for linear systems based on a mixed numerical-experimental approach, assuming viscous damping. The proposed procedure has been applied to a laboratory experiment associated with a numerical model, where a hollow rectangular steel cantilever column, having three lumped masses, has been fixed on a shaking table subjected to different exciting waves. The modal damping ratio has been identified; in addition, the effect of adding filling material to the hollow specimen has been studied in relation to damping enhancement. The results have revealed that the numerically computed response based on the identified damping is in a good fitting with the measured response. Moreover, the filling material has a significant effect in increasing the modal damping.
Key Words
    damping identification; linear system; shaking table; steel tube; filling material
Hazem Hossam El-Anwar, Mohammed Hassanien Serror and Hesham Sobhy Sayed: Dept. of Structural Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

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