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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 22, Number 4, April 2022 , pages 345-353

Seismic characteristics of a Π-shaped 4-story RC structure with open ground floor
Martha A. Karabini, Athanasios J. Karabinis and Chris G. Karayannis

    The configuration of an open ground floor (pilotis) is a common and very critical irregularity observed in multistory reinforced concrete frame structures. The characteristics and the geometrical formation of the beams of the first story proved to be a critical parameter for the overall seismic behavior of this type of Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures. In this work the combination of open ground floor (pilotis) morphology with very strong perimetrical beams at the level of the first story is studied. The observation of the seismic damages and the in situ measurements of the fundamental period of four buildings with this morphology and Π-shaped plan view are presented herein. Further analytical results of a pilotis type Π-shaped RC structure are also included in the study. From the measurements and the analytical results yield that the open ground floor configuration greatly influences the fundamental period whereas this morphology in combination with strong beams can lead to severe local shear damages in the columns of the ground floor. The structural damage was limited in the columns of the ground floor and yet based on the changes of the in situ measured fundamental period the damaged level is assessed as DI=88%. Furthermore, due to the Π-shape of the plan view the tendency of the parts of the building to move independently strongly influences the distribution of the damages over the ground floor vertical elements.
Key Words
    in situ measurement of period; irregular buildings; open ground floor; seismic behavior; Π-shaped building
Martha A. Karabini, Athanasios J. Karabinis and Chris G. Karayannis:Civil Engineering Department, Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi 67100, Greece

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