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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 21, Number 1, July 2021 , pages 63-78

Estimation of inter-story drifts at onset of damage states for RC high-rise buildings
Jelena R. Pejovic and Nina N. Serdar

    In this paper, a detailed probabilistic seismic damage analysis of RC high-rise buildings was performed and as a result, the damage states (DSs) and appropriate performance levels (PLs) were defined in a quantitative manner. DSs were quantified using inter-story drift, where the drifts were determined at the onset of each DS. The analysis was performed on three RC high-rise buildings: 20-story, 30-story and 40-story with core wall structural system. Probabilistic seismic damage analysis was performed for 60 earthquake records, recorded on rock and stiff soil, and scaled to two intensity levels associated with probability of exceedance, 10 % in 50 years - 475-year return period (10%/50) and probability of exceedance, 2 % in 50 years - 2475-year return period (2%/50). In addition to these analyses for estimation the damage index, nonlinear static pushover analyses (NSPAs) were performed using different modal combination patterns. Large deviations among the pushover curves for individual considered modal combination patterns were observed. In order to adequately select the parameters for calculating damage index, an analysis of drifts and shear forces for individual modal combination patterns was performed. The functional dependencies between inter-story drifts and damage index were derived using the regression analysis. Based on the derived dependencies, the values of inter-story drifts at the onset of considered DSs for high-rise buildings were proposed.
Key Words
    damage state; inter-story drift; Nonlinear Time-History Analysis (NTHA); Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis (NSPA); RC high-rise buildings; regression analysis
Jelena R. Pejovic: Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro

Nina N. Serdar: Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro

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