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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 19, Number 5, November 2020 , pages 379-393

Intensity measure-based probabilistic seismic evaluation and vulnerability assessment of ageing bridges
Mahdi Yazdani and Vahid Jahangiri

    The purpose of this study is to first evaluate the seismic behavior of ageing arch bridges by using the Intensity Measure - based demand and DCFD format, which is referred to as the fragility-hazard format. Then, an investigation is performed for their seismic vulnerability. Analytical models are created for bridges concerning different features and these models are subjected to Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA) analysis using a set of 22 earthquake records. The hazard curve and results of IDA analysis are employed to evaluate the return period of exceeding the limit states in the IM-based probabilistic performance-based context. Subsequently, the fragility-hazard format is used to assess factored demand, factored capacity, and the ratio of the factored demand to the factored capacity of the models with respect to different performance objectives. Finally, the vulnerability curves are obtained for the investigated bridges in terms of the loss ratio. The results revealed that decreasing the span length of the unreinforced arch bridges leads to the increase in the return period of exceeding various limit states and factored capacity and decrease in the displacement demand, the probability of failure, the factored demand, as well as the factored demand to factored capacity ratios, loss ratio, and seismic vulnerability. Finally, it is derived that the probability of the need for rehabilitation increases by an increase in the span length of the models.
Key Words
    masonry arch bridges; Demand and Capacity Factor Design (DCFD); fragility-hazard format; probabilistic seismic assessment; seismic vulnerability curve; loss ratio
Mahdi Yazdani :Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Arak University, Arak, Iran
Vahid Jahangiri:Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran

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