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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 19, Number 5, November 2020 , pages 347-359

Generic optimization, energy analysis, and seismic response study for MSCSS with rubber bearings
Buqiao Fan, Xun'an Zhang, Mustapha Abdulhadi and Zhihao Wang

    The Mega-Sub Controlled Structure System (MSCSS), an innovative vibration passive control system for building structures, is improved by adding lead rubber bearings (LRBs) on top of the substructure. For the new system, a genetic algorithm is used to optimize the dynamic parameters and distributions of dampers and LRBs. The program uses various seismic performance indicators as optimization objectives, and corresponding results are compared. It is found that the optimization procedure for maximizing the energy dissipation ratio yields the best solutions, and optimized models have consistent seismic performances under different earthquakes. Seismic performances of optimized MSCSS models with and without LRBs, as well as the traditional Mega-Sub Structure model, are evaluated and compared under El Centro wave, Taft wave and 20 other artificial waves. In both elastic and plastic analysis, the model with LRBs shows significantly smaller story drift and horizontal acceleration than those of the other two models, and fewer plastic hinges are developed during severe earthquakes. Energy analysis also shows that LRBs installed in proper locations increase the deformation and energy dissipation of dampers, thereby significantly reduce the kinetic, potential, and hysteretic energy in the structure. However, LRBs do not have to be mounted on all the additional columns. It is also demonstrated that LRBs at unfavorable locations can decrease the energy dissipation for dampers. After LRBs are installed, the optimal damping coefficient and the optimal damping exponent of dampers are reduced to produce the best damping effect.
Key Words
    MSCSS; energy analysis; optimization; genetic algorism; rubber bearing; mega-frame
Buqiao Fan, Xun'an Zhang, Mustapha Abdulhadi:College of Mechanics and Civil Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi

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