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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 18, Number 1, January 2020 , pages 97-111

Numerical investigation on behaviour of cylindrical steel tanks during mining tremors and moderate earthquakes
Daniel Burkacki, Michal Wójcik and Robert Jankowski

    Cylindrical steel tanks are important components of industrial facilities. Their safety becomes a crucial issue since any failure may cause catastrophic consequences. The aim of the paper is to show the results of comprehensive FEM numerical investigation focused on the response of cylindrical steel tanks under mining tremors and moderate earthquakes. The effects of different levels of liquid filling, the influence of non-uniform seismic excitation as well as the aspects of diagnosis of structural damage have been investigated. The results of the modal analysis indicate that the level of liquid filling is really essential in the structural analysis leading to considerable changes in the shapes of vibration modes with a substantial reduction in the natural frequencies when the level of liquid increases. The results of seismic and paraseismic analysis indicate that the filling the tank with liquid leads to the substantial increase in the structural response underground motions. It has also been observed that the peak structural response values under mining tremors and moderate earthquakes can be comparable to each other. Moreover, the consideration of spatial effects related to seismic wave propagation leads to a considerable decrease in the structural response under non-uniform seismic excitation. Finally, the analysis of damage diagnosis in steel tanks shows that different types of damage may induce changes in the free vibration modes and values of natural frequencies.
Key Words
    cylindrical steel tanks; numerical analysis; mining tremors; moderate earthquakes; non-uniform excitation; damage diagnosis
Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, ul. Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233 Gdansk, Poland

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