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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 17, Number 2, August 2019 , pages 233-244

Anti-seismic behavior of composite precast utility tunnels based on pseudo-static tests
Yanmin Yang, Xinru Tian, Quanhai Liu, Jiabo Zhi and Bo Wang

    In this work, we have studied the effects of different soil thicknesses, haunch heights, reinforcement forms and construction technologies on the seismic performance of a composite precast fabricated utility tunnel by pseudo-static tests. Five concrete specimens were designed and fabricated for low-cycle reciprocating load tests. The hysteretic behavior of composite precast fabricated utility tunnel under simulated seismic waves and the strain law of steel bars were analyzed. Test results showed that composite precast fabricated utility tunnel met the requirements of current codes and had good anti-seismic performance. The use of a closed integral arrangement of steel bars inside utility tunnel structure as well as diagonal reinforcement bars at its haunches improved the integrity of the whole structure and increased the bearing capacity of the structure by about 1.5%. Increasing the thickness of covering soil within a certain range was beneficial to the earthquake resistance of the structure, and the energy consumption was increased by 10%. Increasing haunch height within a certain range increased the bearing capacity of the structure by up to about 19% and energy consumption by up to 30%. The specimen with the lowest haunch height showed strong structural deformation with ductility coefficient of 4.93. It was found that the interfaces of haunches, post-casting self-compacting concrete, and prefabricated parts were the weak points of utility tunnel structures. Combining the failure phenomena of test structures with their related codes, we proposed improvement measures for construction technology, which could provide a reference for the construction and design of practical projects.
Key Words
    composite precast fabricated utility tunnel; anti-seismic performance; failure modes; steel strain analysis; technique improvement
Yanmin Yang, Xinru Tian, Bo Wang: School of Civil Engineering, Jilin Jianzhu University, Changchun 130118, China
Quanhai Liu, Jiabo Zhi: Jilin Senhuang Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., Jilin 130200, China

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