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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 16, Number 4, April 2019, pages 437-453

Optimum design of viscous dampers to prevent pounding of adjacent structures
Turan Karabork and Ersin Aydin

    This study investigates a new optimal placement method for viscous dampers between structures in order to prevent pounding of adjacent structures with different dynamic characteristics under earthquake effects. A relative displacement spectrum is developed in two single degree of freedom system to reveal the critical period ratios for the most risky scenario of collision using El Centro earthquake record (NS). Three different types of viscous damper design, which are classical, stair and X-diagonal model, are considered to prevent pounding on two adjacent building models. The objective function is minimized under the upper and lower limits of the damping coefficient of the damper and a target modal damping ratio. A new algorithm including time history analyses and numerical optimization methods is proposed to find the optimal dampers placement. The proposed design method is tested on two 12-storey adjacent building models. The effects of the type of damper placement on structural models, the critical period ratios of adjacent structures, the permissible relative displacement limit, the mode behavior and the upper limit of damper are investigated in detail. The results of the analyzes show that the proposed method can be used as an effective means of finding the optimum amount and location of the dampers and eliminating the risk of pounding.
Key Words
    pounding, collision; relative displacement spectrum; viscous dampers; adjacent structures; earthquake resistant structures
Turan Karabork: Aksaray University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Civil Engineering, Aksaray, Turkey
Ersin Aydin: Nigde Ömer Halisdemir University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Civil Engineering, Nigde, Turkey

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