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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 16, Number 3, March 2019, pages 295-310

Estimation of fundamental natural period of vibration for reinforced concrete shear walls systems
Anis S. Shatnawi, Esra\'a H. Al-Beddawe and Mazen A. Musmar

    This study attempts to develop new simplified approximate formulas to predict the fundamental natural periods of vibration (T) for bearing wall systems engaged with special reinforced concrete shear walls (RCSW) under seismic loads. Commonly, seismic codes suggested empirical formulas established by regression analysis of measured T for buildings during earthquake motions. These formulas depend on structure type, building height, number, height and length of SW, and ratio of SW area to base area of structure. In this study, a parametric investigation is performed for T of 110 selected models of bearing RCSW systems with varying structural height, configuration of horizontal plans including building width, number and width of bays, presence of middle corridors and core SWs. For this purpose, a 3D non-linear response time history (TH) analysis is implemented using ETABS v16.2.1. New formulas to estimate T are anticipated and compared with those obtained from formulas of IBC 2012 and ASCE/SEI 7-10. Moreover, the study examines responses of an arbitrarily two selected test model of 60 m and 80 m in height with presence of SWs having middle corridors. It is observed that the performance of the tested buildings is different through arising of considerable errors when using codes
Key Words
    seismic codes; fundamental period; bearing walls, RC shear walls, non-linear time history
Anis S. Shatnawi, Esra\'a H. Al-Beddawe and Mazen A. Musmar: Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Jordan, Amman-11942, Jordan

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