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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 14, Number 1, February 2018 , pages 073-84

Seismic damage assessment of steel reinforced recycled concrete column-steel beam composite frame joints
Jing Dong, Hui Ma, Nina Zhang, Yunhe Liu and Zhaowei Mao

    Low cyclic loading tests are conducted on the steel reinforced recycled concrete (SRRC) column-steel (S) beam composite frame joints. This research aims to evaluate the earthquake damage performance of composite frame joints by performing cyclic loading tests on eight specimens. The experimental failure process and failure modes, load-displacement hysteresis curves, characteristic loads and displacements, and ductility of the composite frame joints are presented and analyzed, which shows that the composite frame joints demonstrate good seismic performance. On the basis of this finding, seismic damage performance is examined by using the maximum displacement, energy absorbed in the hysteresis loops and Park-Ang model. However, the result of this analysis is inconsistent with the test failure process. Therefore, this paper proposes a modified Park-Ang seismic damage model that is based on maximum deformation and cumulative energy dissipation, and corrected by combination coefficient a. Meanwhile, the effects of recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) replacement percentage and axial compression ratio on the seismic damage performance are analyzed comprehensively. Moreover, lateral displacement angle is used as the quantification index of the seismic performance level of joints. Considering the experimental study, the seismic performance level of composite frame joints is divided into five classes of normal use, temporary use, repair after use, life safety and collapse prevention. On this basis, the corresponding relationships among seismic damage degrees, seismic performance level and quantitative index are also established in this paper. The conclusions can provide a reference for the seismic performance design of composite frame joints.
Key Words
    steel reinforced recycle concrete columns; steel beams; joints; seismic performance level; seismic damage model
Jing Dong, Hui Ma, Nina Zhang, Yunhe Liu and Zhaowei Mao:
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Xi\'an University of Technology, Xi\'an, China

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