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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 13, Number 5, November 2017, pages 485-496

Experimental investigation of SRHSC columns under biaxial loading
Peng Wang, Qing X. Shi, Feng Wang and Qiu W. Wang

    The behavior of 8 steel reinforced high-strength concrete (SRHSC) columns, which comprised of four identical columns with cross-shaped steel and other four identical columns with square steel tube, was investigated experimentally under cyclic uniaxial and biaxial loading independently. The influence of steel configuration and loading path on the global behavior of SRHSC columns in terms of failure process, hysteretic characteristics, stiffness degradation and ductility were investigated and discussed, as well as stress level of the longitudinal and transverse reinforcing bars and steel. The research results indicate that with a same steel ratio deformation capacity of steel reinforced concrete columns with a square steel tube is better than the one with a cross-shaped steel. Loading path affects hysteretic characteristics of the specimens significantly. Under asymmetrical loading path, hysteretic characteristics of the specimens are also asymmetry. Compared with specimens under unidirectional loading, specimens subjected to bidirectional loading have poor carrying capacity, fast stiffness degradation, small yielding displacement, poor ductility and small ultimate failure drift. It also demonstrates that loading paths affect the deformation capacity or deformation performance significantly. Longitudinal reinforcement yielding occurs before the peak load is attained, while steel yielding occurs at the peak load. During later displacement loading, strain of longitudinal and transverse reinforcing bars and steel of specimens under biaxial loading increased faster than those of specimens subjected to unidirectional loading. Therefore, the bidirectional loading path has great influence on the seismic performance such as carrying capacity and deformation performance, which should be paid more attentions in structure design.
Key Words
    steel reinforced concrete columns; high-strength concrete; bidirectional loading; coupling effect; seismic behavior
Peng Wang, Qing X. Shi, Feng Wang and Qiu W. Wang: School of Civil Engineering, Xi\'an University of Architecture & Technology, No.13, Yanta Road, Xi\'an, Shaanxi, China

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