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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 13, Number 3, September 2017 , pages 221-230

Optimal intensity measures for probabilistic seismic demand models of RC high-rise buildings
Jelena R. Pejovic, Nina N. Serdar and Radenko R. Pejovic

    One of the important phases of probabilistic performance-based methodology is establishing appropriate probabilistic seismic demand models (PSDMs). These demand models relate ground motion intensity measures (IMs) to demand measures (DMs). The objective of this paper is selection of the optimal IMs in probabilistic seismic demand analysis (PSDA) of the RC high-rise buildings. In selection process features such as: efficiency, practically, proficiency and sufficiency are considered. RC high-rise buildings with core wall structural system are selected as a case study building class with the three characteristic heights: 20-storey, 30-storey and 40-storey. In order to determine the most optimal IMs, 720 nonlinear time-history analyses are conducted for 60 ground motion records with a wide range of magnitudes and distances to source, and for various soil types, thus taking into account uncertainties during ground motion selection. The non-linear 3D models of the case study buildings are constructed. A detailed regression analysis and statistical processing of results are performed and appropriate PSDMs for the RC high-rise building are derived. Analyzing a large number of results it are adopted conclusions on the optimality of individual ground motion IMs for the RC high-rise building.
Key Words
    RC high-rise building; probabilistic seismic demand model; intensity measure; optimality; nonlinear time-history analysis, regression analysis
Jelena R. Pejovic, Nina N. Serdar and Radenko R. Pejovic: Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro

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