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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 12, Number 2, February 2017, pages 153-163

Soil and structure uncertainty effects on the Soil Foundation Structure dynamic response
Mohamed Elhebib Guellil, Zamila Harichane, Hakima Djilali Berkane and Amina Sadouki

    The underlying goal of the present paper is to investigate soil and structural uncertainties on impedance functions and structural response of soil-shallow foundation-structure (SSFS) system using Monte Carlo simulations. The impedance functions of a rigid massless circular foundation resting on the surface of a random soil layer underlain by a homogeneous half-space are obtained using 1-D wave propagation in cones with reflection and refraction occurring at the layer-basement interface and free surface. Firstly, two distribution functions (lognormal and gamma) were used to generate random numbers of soil parameters (layer´s thickness and shear wave velocity) for both horizontal and rocking modes of vibration with coefficients of variation ranging between 5 and 20%, for each distribution and each parameter. Secondly, the influence of uncertainties of soil parameters (layer´s thickness, and shear wave velocity), as well as structural parameters (height of the superstructure, and radius of the foundation) on the response of the coupled system using lognormal distribution was investigated. This study illustrated that uncertainties on soil and structure properties, especially shear wave velocity and thickness of the layer, height of the structure and the foundation radius significantly affect the impedance functions, and in same time the response of the coupled system.
Key Words
    impedance function; circular foundation; cone model; Monte Carlo simulations
Geomaterials Laboratory, Civil Engineering Department, Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef, P.O Box 151, Chlef 02000, Algeria

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