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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 12, Number 2, February 2017, pages 237-250

External retrofit of beam-column joints in old fashioned RC structures
Mahdi Adibi, Mohammad S. Marefata, Kamyar Karbasi Arani and Hamid Zare

    There has been increasing attention in many countries on seismic retrofit of old fashioned RC structures in recent years. In such buildings, the joints lack transverse reinforcement and suffer inadequate seismic dimensional requirements and the reinforcement is plain bar. The behavior of the joints is governed by sliding of steel bars and diagonal shear failure is less influential. Different methods to retrofit beam-column joints have been proposed in the literature such as wrapping the joint by FRP sheets, enlargement of the beam-column joint, and strengthening the joint by steel sheets. In this study, an enlargement technique that uses external prestressed cross ties with steel angles is examined. The technique has already been used for substructures reinforced by deformed bars and has advantages such as efficient enhancement of seismic capacity and lack of damage to the joint. Three reference specimens and two retrofitted units are tested under increasing lateral cyclic load in combination with two levels of axial load. The reference specimens showed relatively low shear strength of 0.15ꇮ(fc) and 0.30ꇮ(fc) for the exterior and interior joints, respectively. In addition, relatively brittle behavior was observed and large deformations extended into the panel zone of the joints. The retrofit method has increased ductility ratio of the interior beam-column joints by 63%, and energy dissipation capacity by 77%, relative to the control specimen; For external joints, these values were 11%, and 94%. The retrofit method has successfully relocated the plastic joints far from the column face. The retrofit method has improved shear strength of the joints by less than 10%.
Key Words
    seismic retrofit; old fashioned RC structures; exterior and interior beam-column joints; plain bars, steel angles prestressed by cross ties
School of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran

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