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Earthquakes and Structures   Volume 12, Number 1, January 2017, pages 55-65
Effects of sheds and cemented joints on seismic modelling of cylindrical porcelain electrical equipment in substations
Sheng Li, Hing-Ho Tsang, Yongfeng Cheng and Zhicheng Lu

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    Earthquake resilience of substations is essential for reliable and sustainable service of electrical grids. The majority of substation equipment consists of cylindrical porcelain components, which are vulnerable to earthquake shakings due to the brittleness of porcelain material. Failure of porcelain equipment has been repeatedly observed in recent earthquakes. Hence, proper seismic modelling of porcelain equipment is important for various limit state checks in both product manufacturing stage and detailed substation design stage. Sheds on porcelain core and cemented joint between porcelain component and metal cap have significant effects on the dynamic properties of the equipment, however, such effects have not been adequately parameterized in existing design guidelines. This paper addresses this critical issue by developing a method for taking these two effects into account in seismic modelling based on numerical and analytical approaches. Equations for estimating the effects of sheds and cemented joint on flexural stiffness are derived, respectively, by regression analyses based on the results of 12 pieces of full-scale equipment in 500kV class or higher. The proposed modelling technique has further been validated by shaking table tests.
Key Words
    porcelain electrical equipment; seismic modelling; shed; cemented joint; shaking table test
Sheng Li, Yongfeng Cheng and Zhicheng Lu: China Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, China

Hing-Ho Tsang: Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

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