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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 11, Number 4, October 2016, pages 665-680

Seismic behavior of steel reinforced concrete special-shaped column-beam joints
Z.Q. Liu, J.Y. Xue and H.T. Zhao

    This paper focuses on the study of seismic behavior of steel reinforced concrete special-shaped column-beam joints. Six specimens, which are designed according to the principle of strong-member and weak-joint core, are tested under low cyclic reversed load. Key parameters include the steel form in column section and the ratio of column limb height to thickness. The failure mode, load-displacement curves, ductility, stiffness degradations, energy dissipation capacity and shear deformation of joint core of the test subassemblies are analyzed. The results indicate that SRC special-shaped column-beam joints have good seismic behavior. All specimens failed due to the shear failure of the joint core, and the failure degree between the two sides of joint core is similar for the exterior joint but different for the corner joint. Compared to the joints with channel steel truss, the joints with solid web steel skeleton illustrate better ductility and energy dissipation capacity, but the loading capacity and stiffness are roughly close. With the increasing of the ratio of column limb height to thickness, the joints illustrate higher loading capacity and stiffness, better energy dissipation capacity, but worse ductility.
Key Words
    steel reinforced concrete (SRC); special-shaped column; seismic behavior; experimental study; joint core
College of Civil Engineering, Xian University of Architecture and Technology, Xian, China

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