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Earthquakes and Structures   Volume 10, Number 3, March 2016, pages 669-680
Dynamic response of underground box structure subjected to explosion seismic wave
Houxu Huang, Jie Li, Xiaoli Rong, Pengxian Fan and Shufang Feng

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    In this paper, the underground box structure is discretized as a system with limited freedoms, and the explosion seismic wave is regarded as series of dynamic force acting on the lumped masses. Based on the local deformation theory, the elastic resistances of the soil are simplified as the effects of numbers of elastic chain-poles. Matrix force method is adopted to analyze the deformation of the structure in elastic half space. The structural dynamic equations are established and by solving these equations, the axial force, the moment and the displacement of the structure are all obtained. The influences of size ratio, the incident angle and the rock type on the dynamic response of the underground box structure are all investigated through a case study by using the proposed method.
Key Words
    explosion seismic wave; underground box structure; dynamic response; matrix force method
Houxu Huang, Jie Li, Xiaoli Rong, Pengxian Fan: State Key Laboratory of Disaster prevention and Mitigation of Explosion and Impact, PLA University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China

Shufang Feng: Institute of Engineering Research and Design, Headquarters of Shenyang Military Area, Shenyang, China

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